As I am on the road to my aspiration as a video game designer literally, it’s time to take a seat and meditate on everything. It’s something I would suggest to anyone about to start a new chapter in their life. There’s so much coming next and so much that’s come before. When you get a breathing space, take a breath.

I look back and I see a lot. I see a past filled with laughs and love and tests and betrayals. Something I’ve often taken for granted. I hope to one day incorporate all of my experiences and love into games.

Games are meant to mean something. Because now, they are more than that. They are a chance to explore the worlds we can only imagine and in context discover our own. We discover what our world is, in both senses of what a world is made of. Our environment and ourselves.

They are the embodiment of dreams themselves. Yet, they lead to our own dreams as well. I want to prove this one day. But until then, there’s a long road ahead. I’m riding in a car on my way to California from my home of South Dakota and I’m steeling myself. Before every battle, a strategy. Before every fight, a warm-up. Before every stand, a pep talk.

My name is Napoleon Martinez. I’m just Another Game Designer. Or I will be. This is my story and my journey on my way to the top. Whether know me or not, this is my spot for my life and everyone I meet and everything I do. I don’t know how regularly I’ll write yet but I have always wanted to blog. So here’s my declaration of dedication as a momento of my progress towards my dream. Follow me on this journey, and maybe just like with my games, I might just be able to help you discover your own dreams. Or just have a good laugh from time to time.

For now, signing off ~
Napoleon “Nappy” M.

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