A quick shoutout to my buddy working on her first major screenwriting project: The Supernatural Enthusiast Club!

Shameless plug for my friend, but definitely I see a lot of potential in her and the series as a whole. Jen Enfield-Kane is a friend of mine I’ve met through the USC Origami Club. She’s a screenwriting major and she has her own web series that she’s written and produced with USC students called “The Supernatural Enthusiast Club.” Anyone and everyone should check it out because in all honesty, it’s a bit amateur, but it also shows a lot of good concepts and great use of continuity and characterization!

I’ve already spent a lot of time discussing with Jen all of the ups and downs of her series, but I think she’s bound to get much better. Reminds me of a certain someone…

Anyways, totally worth a watch. Look for all the hints at something more too. It’s interesting, has a pseudo-Office plus Nickelodeon feel and the characters are quite likable. (Give C a chance. I totally did and I loved him later on.)

You can definitely see the work put into it, especially as you keep going on in the series! Can’t wait for episode 8!

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