Today I discuss (or prepare to discuss) what the heck I’ve been up to over this semester in terms of my two new games! Also, announcing a new section for my projects: Postmortem!

Hey, everyone! I’ve been so busy lately! It’s been a long story and a long last few weeks, I tell you. I haven’t even been able to talk to my family or friends back home very much if at all because I’ve just been so chock full of eventfulness and work and then more work and then game design, of course. I’ve also been behind on my blog! I think that I’ll kind of have a mass-blog text series of everything that’s been going on in My Game Story and also in my life. Goes to show what college will do to you, haha.

One of my upcoming posts is going to be a Postmortem, a new section of my blog! Postmortem will more or less just be like every other postmortem on every other website you can imagine, haha. It’ll just be my personal postmortems on my projects including my new game Cuddle Coddle! (I know, we couldn’t think of a better name in the 15 minutes we had to decide a name.)

Whoops sorry, it broke.

A quick mock-up made by Chengyu “Lowrie” Fu. She’s international¬†so excuse the subtitle, please.

Cuddle Coddle was created for the 24-hour game jam with USC Makers of Entertaining Games Association (MEGA) themed for love. They wanted to take the opportunity to theme one of their game jams on love because they have felt very strongly that there was a need for this kind of event, especially because of recent events like GamerGate. Anyways, I definitely think everyone should check out Tracy Fullerton and USC Game’s Statement of Community.

Anyways, shameless plug done. Cuddle Coddle was made by myself and my friend Alex Ogorek with art by Chengyu “Lowrie” Fu and music by Nelson Thomas. For more, try and find my Postmortem when it goes up!

During the last game jam, I learned so much and can’t wait to put it into a Postmortem. Also, during the last game jam, Kevin Wong told me about a website known as where you can host indie games. SO I DID.

My first game ever made, also from the first 2014 USC Game’s game jam, is up as well as my new game. We did the first game, Altruistic Airdrop, in a free aspect ratio, so the game is actually not in the right size. Forgive us, haha. I’m not going to go fix it at this point and time either as I’d have to remember a bunch of stuff we did in our messy code and then rework it. Not worth the time. It’s playable, though. Not much fun, but for my first game I was glad that it worked and I definitely learned the basics of Unity through it. It was invaluable for me. I might do a mini-Postmortem on it in a future post soon.

Anyways, Cuddle Coddle is up online too!

Just click the links and try them out! E-mail me with a bunch of comments if you want!

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