I’ve haven’t ONLY been busy with work. I have found time in-between to find some things to indulge and inspire me (mostly with friends or by suggestion of friends!) Here’s some of the things that I’ve been occupying my time with that you definitely should check out! In particular, here are some of the game design things that NEED to be checked out (which is why it’s not just New Game+).

Game Design:

Eric Zimmerman – Games, stay away from art: An interesting article I read recently that was relevant to my classes. Read his and Salen’s book Rules of Play too! The Rules of Play Anthology was my textbook for my CTIN-190 Introduction to Interactive Entertainment class.

Also, a lot of the IMGD program at USC is built off of –

Tracy Fullerton – Game Design Workshop: So check it out. Talks about the FDD framework, one of the three main game design frameworks that are discussed in –

Jeremy Gibson – Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development: From Concept to Playable Game with Unity and C#: This book was recommended by my CTIN-190 professor, Jeff Watson. It’s a book that I’m currently reading through to help me learn Unity and C#. It’s great and very readable. I also recommend reading about the other two game design frameworks that he discusses in this book other than the FDD.

Jesse Schell – The Art of Game Design: The second of the three, this framework is the Elemental Tetrad. I haven’t read this book, but many academia have referenced it including the mentioned Gibson book. I’m going to read it soon, the second edition came out on the 6th. Check it out!

MDA: This is the third framework and is an academic paper written to help designers understand how to think about the construction of their games from the designer perspective and the player perspective.

Animations (Western):

Bee and PuppyCat: A animation from one of the story-boarders of Adventure Time. Super cute and Kickstarted for nine episodes. It’s pretty entertaining if you like that sort of thing.

Over The Garden Wall: A 10-episode mini-series that showed recently on Cartoon Network. It’s beautiful and full of a dark, but delightful energy that must be consumed!


Space Dandy: An anime from the makers (at least the director) of Cowboy Bebop! It’s hilarious wacky and amazing. I haven’t watched the whole thing, but I can’t wait to dive into more of it! Watch episode seven, “Rock n Roll Dandy, Baby!” for a taste of the action.

Akira: A classic that I just recently watched and definitely worth the time. It is full of great voice actors and a just straight-up interesting story that I’ve never seen done. Get it here!

Macross 7: I haven’t watched it yet, but my friend Esteban showed me this and it looks just beautiful. Using music to power giant robots to fight through the power of love?! Yes, please. Space whales? DOUBLE YES, PLEASE.


Yotsubato: The story of a six-year old girl and her really cute life. It’s the most delightful of all the things that have been inspiring me lately. It’s so cute! And everyone knows how much I just adore cute things. :3

Plato’s Meno: If you want to know why one should study questions like “What is a game?” when discussing game design, you need to read this. If fact, if you want to know a thing or two about learning, read this.

Zoot Suit: This is an amazing piece by Luis Valdez. It’s just so filled with commentary via Brecht-style theater, on Realism, and on teaching the world about what it means to define ourselves. In fact, about double consciousness: how we use social structures around us in the world to define ourselves. How we are defined by the world around us. It’s about ideology and hegemony; values and crazy stuff you need to take a college class about, I swear. (This was assigned for my Contemporary Drama class, haha.) It’s great and definitely deserves a read. I could go way deeper with this, but I won’t for the purposes of this play.

Adrienna Kennedy Reader: Read the Ohio State Murders. Another assigned read, but it was great. Read it and ask yourself what was the most shocking part of the play. you might be surprised by what you reply with.


Zoot Suit: Watch the movie too.

Johnny Mnemonic: It’s just beautiful. Cyber dolphins and Jesus and all.

Speed Racer: ‘Nuff said.


Crypt of the Necrodancer: A really fun rhythm-based dungeon crawler that is just tons of fun to play. It has two-player as well and it’s just a great mechanically thought-out game. It’s early access so it’s not even done and I can’t wait to see what it does.

Hanabi: The best card game you will ever play with friends. Great for parties and the best thing you can buy for $10. It’s a game where you work together to make the “greatest fireworks show ever.” It was at IndieCade and I played it with my now-buddies. 🙂

Lethal League: Crazy competitive multiplayer game. Just play it.

Chambara: This is a USC Game. It’s really great and they even went to the Dare to Be Digital competition in Scotland with it! It’s great and free to download! It’s made by Esteban, Catherine, and Kevin, my buddies!

Passage: Speaking of free, if you want a really neat 5-minute game. Here it is.



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