An article with explanation as to what has been going on, why the blog hasn’t been updated in quite some time, and also just to get rid of the fact that the last thing I posted was about 50 Shades of Grey.

So this blog of mine hasn’t received an update in over a month. This is due to a variety of factors, but shorthand way of saying it is that it has been even busier than before. At this time, I’m working roughly 25 hours a week between two jobs and taking 18 credit hours. 20 if you consider that I was previously sitting in on a class with my friends in it before I realized I couldn’t even keep up with the workload for the first 18 credit hours. Part of the reason the work load has been so harsh this semester is due to my CTIN-488 class. CTIN-488 is Game Design Workshop, a class where students design board games from the ground up. Constantly. Many of the projects are only two or, if I’m lucky, three weeks. This has been kind of a huge problem as this means three weeks to not only design a game, but also to produce the materials (board, cards, dice, etc.). One project took me two weeks to just Photoshop all the cards before I even could have something presentable.

This is just my workload for classes and work too. This isn’t including my work with clubs, extra-curricular activities and social/emotional issues (read: drama). The good news is that I still have a few things that I have been working on and am hoping to get up here soon to present. Unfortunately, due to the large workload, they will not be an accurate picture of what exactly has been going on over the course of this year, but hopefully I can paint a picture of how things have been going. It has been particularly disappointing for me to not be able to post some of my findings and such on USC, MEGA, IndieCade and such, but in the future, I hope to do a better job of doing so. I’m actually planning on taking zero gaming classes next semester to kind of take an ease off all the project work. I want to focus on some other things and I need to get my NARS requirements out of the way. (I’m a Narrative Studies major for those that don’t know).

Not that I won’t be making games, I’m planning on developing a few of my side projects (wait to hear about those) as well as an AGP next year. For those that don’t know, an AGP is a Advanced Games Project at the University of Southern California. AGPs are year-long projects that are meant to simulate a real-industry production cycle with teams of students that are much larger than typical indie-sized groups. I know of at least one that I’ve heard has 20 team members so far. This is while we are all still in the prototyping phase. I wish I could say more about the AGP I’m assigned to, even more so than my side projects, but unfortunately due to some very unique circumstances I am not really allowed to say more at this time. I really hope to announce more soon.

I do have a couple other posts in the works at the moment as well. Here are a few that are in the works:

  • Life is Strange: Episode 2 review – need time to get through this and present it effectively.
  • Persona 4 Golden review – I’m almost done with this, but this game is long. I’m 70 hours in and still quite a bit from the end. This is the main game and article I’m working on now.
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2 review – I am playing this with my sister and finding time where we are both available has been a problem.
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 HD review – This game is long and I need to finish Persona 4 Golden first.
  • Final Fantasy XV demo impressions – hope to have this one done ASAP
  • World Trigger review – still going through the season, I believe it’s almost over.
  • An article on my obsession with Hayate and also on Nier.
  • A couple ideas I have for EXPression articles.
  • Side projects and AGP articles as soon as I can reveal more.
  • Some recent project-work and post-mortem articles.
  • Some other mystery non-review articles

A quick overview of a couple recent events:

  • I’m running for a position on the Makers of Entertaining Games Association executive board. Elections are on April 7th!
  • I got a chance to see a talk by Kazuyuki Ikumori of Square Enix Visual Works. It was amazing, by the way.
  • I’ve got to GameHaus, this awesome board-game shop in Glendale! Check it out!
  • Monster Hunter is coming to Six Flags. I need to say this.
  • I’m learning Japanese (although getting a poorer grade than I would like in class! Darn all this workload!)
  • My friends Esteban, Kevin, and Catherine of Team Overly Kinetic won a BAFTA award for their game Chambara!
  • My Japanese Anime class pretty much is super lame.
  • Made a remake of the Tower of Druaga arcade game. I’ll post the most recent build here soon. It’s not completed, but somewhat functional and an important piece to time stamp as part of my career.
  • This is adorable:
  • Cutie Honey is probably the best movie ever (I mean, no. But totally go watch it. It’s amazing.)
  • Steven Spielberg is set to direct Ready Player One!!!
  • Sam and I are getting along well! (This is basically for my record only)

Look forward to me posting more often, I’m hoping to schedule more frequent postings and get a bunch more done. I’m feeling really motivated and good about life right now too so I hope to translate that into action! Follow me on Twitter if you want more frequent updates too! I post more frequently there since I often leave my blog to longer posts that I sit down and write rather than short bursts. Twitter handle is @NappyXIII.

Hope this makes up for my lack of content a bit! I’ll do better! ISSHOKENMEI GANBARIMASU!

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