I’ve been trying really hard to try and do more every day, but it’s been pretty hard. One of my assignments this semester was a personal manifesto. I had to write a personal manifesto of my beliefs and the things I stood for as a creative. I found this entirely difficult. So, although I might write a new one in the future, I’m going to post this here. It’s a sign of my feelings here and now, consumed by my own darkness. One day I want to wake up and look at this, and laugh. I want to look back at who I am, and when I write my new manifesto, look at who I became. I want to look to my new friends, and remember my old friends. I hope that my new friends are my old friends, but the way things have worked in my past, and the way things are now, I never know, and perhaps can never know. The point is to believe, right?

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