Nurature was an experimental student project with the PlayStation VR. It was experimental because it was one of the first projects coming out of USC, and the world, to play with the PlayStation VR technology. I worked on it with a small team of five who were given the chance to play with the technology and get a head-start in understanding VR during a heated time when VR was hitting the market for the first time.

Under the tutelage of esteemed game executive Gordon Bellamy, we were taught how to develop a game successfully as a team, but how to promote and build the brand and integrity of that team. Together with Technical Director Dennis Ramirez, Bellamy pushed the team to build a game together using his four pillars of game development: Design, Community, Customization and Monetization.

The game was a VR Forest Simulator where the player could walk through a dirty grey forest littered with trash. By moving through the world and picking up the trash, players could witness as the world around them came to life and became more beautiful, thus creating an aesthetic of delight. As we sought to create our VR experience, we made sure that the game contained no negative feedback, being surrounded by contemporaries that were rife with nausea and fear amongst first-time users of VR.

The game appeared on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel and was awared third place at the VRSC Festival in 20916,

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