Napoleon Martinez

Hello and welcome to my personal website, Another Game Designer! I am a budding game designer that is currently attending the University of Southern California.

Being California-born yet South Dakota-raised, I’ve learned that it’s not where you are or where you’ve come from. Sometimes it’s not even where you’re going. It’s all about who you’re with and where you want to take each other.

I’m an video game developer and a writer who dabbles a lot in usability, business, art, and alternative rock. I have worked with and as a part of so many various groups of people that I have a huge passion for people and the value of experrience. You can often find me meeting new people, giving advice and sharing stories with as many people as I can because I believe it is through human connection and communication, through each other, that we can try and understand how the world around us works. I want to share my life experiences and morals with the rest of the world and therefore seek to create interactive media to change it. Games are a communicative form that has yet to reach its full potential as an experiential medium to transform and change the way we each look at the world around us.

I was inspired by video games as a kid, not merely as entertainment, but as narrative devices used to share ideas and stories. Just like books, just like movies. Video game developers like Jane McGonigal have inspired me to share my ideas and change perspective as to what video games are and what they can be.

I currently attend the University of Southern California pursuing a degree in Narrative Studies with a double major in Interactive Entertainment. I think that all games have pieces of their creators in them, and through that, I have the unique opportunity to not only create and build worlds, but to weave narrative in a way that express the love and life lessons that I’ve been able to witness in this world from my life. Learning isn’t just about gaining experience, it’s about finding ways to express your own. To not only see constructions, but to construct, craft, design.

I am growing every day as a game designer and one day, perhaps, I hope to start my own video game development studio and do as we all do. Develop and inspire. I want to create experiences that change how people think and see life, themselves and others. To change the world and its culture. To tell stories only I can tell, teach lessons only I can teach, and help people I couldn’t help otherwise.

My hobbies include learning guitar, remix software, drawing, writing, following my favorite authors and artists like Bryan Lee O’Malley and Neil Gaiman, as well as many other such nonsense.

If you want to check out my resume, you can view it at the Dropbox here.


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